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About Us

Rabbi Howard Cove

As the Rabbi of Beiteinu, I plan to bring Torah to the people. I want to meet Jews where they are; not only geographically, but spiritually as well. Everyone who experiences a Beiteinu moment will be accepted and embraced without judgment, criticism or guilt.

Rabbi Cove, a 1989 graduate of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, served for 4 years as a student Rabbi at Adath Tikvah Montefiore in Philadelphia, and 7 years as the Assistant Rabbi at Temple Sinai in Dresher, PA. Howard received his B.S. in Elementary Education from Temple University in 1981. In addition to his congregational responsibilities, he has also participated in CJEEP, the Catholic-Jewish Education Program sponsored by the Steven Spielberg Foundation. This cooperative effort between the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and the American Jewish Committee helps promote better understanding between high school age students in the areas of religion and faith. Howard has also served as the Rabbinic Chaplain of the Cradle of Liberty Council of the Boy Scouts of America. Rabbi cove is available for all your lifecycle needs.  feel free to call him directly at 484-432-0931 or email at

Beiteinu Synagogue

Beiteinu was created to address a unique and transitional time that the Jewish community is experiencing. The majority of Jewish adults are not joining synagogues and not engaging with the Jewish community. Beiteinu is non-denominational. We are not affiliated with a specific movement. We are Jewish people and people who support Jewish life, who want Jewish tradition in our lives and a Jewish environment in which to celebrate Shabbat and holidays.


At Beiteinu, we are family partners, fellow seekers and questioners – “builders” of the Jewish community. It is the relationships we form with each other and the experiences we share which will bind us together, not an address or a building.

Our Mission

Beiteinu is a “Synagogue Without Walls”.  Our mission is to bring religion to the places and spaces that people are.  We also want to bridge the tensions between faiths by having an open and accepting environment where all feel accepted.

Beiteinu now counts more than 400 people as members, and hosts several vibrant and inclusive religious learning opportunities for your children.  We are proud of how each member brings his or her own story to our diverse community— of all ages and backgrounds who are seeking a Jewish community – a place to call home. 


Our educational programs are first-class. We now have learning groups of various ages in Lafayette Hill, Dresher and Blue Bell.  Our goal is to provide for a lifetime of Jewish learning. Rabbi Cove also teaches Bnai Mitzvah lessons and will officiate this special Simcha.

Prayer & Worship

Rabbi Cove and Beiteinu offer a dynamic blend of worship opportunities that span from the small and intimate services to larger classical services incorporating music or a speaker to enhance the experience. We value your input and strive to bring Jewish Life to the places and spaces that people are.  Beiteinu means "our home"

Now, as always,  Beiteinu is your home.

Lifecycle Events

Rabbi Cove is happy to discuss all the various lifecycle events that come up in Jewish life. Whether that is your upcoming wedding (between all faiths), your child's B'nai Mitzvah (at location of your choice), baby naming, memorial service, funeral etc. Together with your input, all these lifecycle events will be customized so that it is unique to you.  Just give us a call to learn more (484-432-0931)


Mon, 27 May 2024